Released Version 3.1

Version 3.1 of TUGZip is now released. Take a look here to see what’s new. If you have translated TUGZip 3 there are some updates needed on your translations for full 3.1 compatibility, please see this page. Please make sure to uninstall previous versions of TUGZip before installing 3.1, and don’t forget to restart your system if needed. If you are using any external plugins, please remove them from the plugins directory. These plugins are no longer needed in TUGZip 3.1.

(Update) My current host doesn’t seem to be able to handle all the traffic, so they restricted my free traffic account. Because of this I had to remove all local server downloads and move the TUGZip 3.1 installation file to a very fast and reliable server.

I had some troubles sending out all newsletters, there was some kind of timeout error. I hope this will be fixed soon.