Released Version 3.2

Many updates today, the Chinese (traditional) translation has been updated for version 3.1 compatibility.

TUGZip 3.2 has been released! You can see a list of what’s new in version 3.2 here. If you have translated TUGZip 3 there are are some updates needed on your translation for full 3.2 compatibility, please see this page. The German and Swedish translations are already version 3.2 compatible.

I will also try to complete the plugin SDK, and hopefully upload it tonight or tomorrow.

Update1: It seems that my current host doesn’t allow me to run the newsletter script utility all e-mails are send. Most of the subscribers didn’t get their e-mail. If anyone has any good (and free) newsletter script to recommend which (if possible) takes care of the timeout problem, please let me know.

Update2: Wicky Rampersad has sent me his Dutch translation of TUGZip, which is available at the translations section. Thanks!